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Imam Hussain Conference

The ANNUAL IMAM HUSSIAN CONFRIENCE 2010” is schedule to be held at the Lantern Centre, Synge Street, Dublin 8 ( off South Circular Road) on Sunday 19th of December 2010. Time registration 1:30, conference 2 – 5 pm. Buffet supper will be served afterwards.

Around 680, AD on the planes of KARBALA,(which is now a famous Golden domed Iraqi city) Aba-Abdullah Al-Hussain (AS), known as IMAM HUSSSIAN (AS) , the thirds Shia Imam, and the grandson of Prophet Mohammed ( AS) was mercilessly massacred with his entire family and friends of 72 members. Among this were his infant son - six month old baby Ali Asghar and his eighty year old dear friend Habib Ibne Mazahir with helpless women and children. The cause for this massacre was that Imam Hussain refused to give the oath of allegiance to the most despicable, worst, corrupt and wild ruler of the time -Yazid-bin-Muawia. This is the point in the early history of Islam where a cleavage occurred in the body of Islam then, and Shia and Sunni Muslim sub divisions occurred.

Ever since, in the last 1400 years, The Muslim community all over the world, and Shias in particular commemorate this greatest injustice committed to the holy family of Prophet Mohammad, and to the mankind at large. They narrate the story of massacre, recite poetry, out loud express their emotions and grief and offer their condolences in the heartfelt sorrow in public gatherings. These are called “Majlis” …gathering of people to offer condolences to each other and remember this great tragedy.

Join us in paying our respects and homage to the
sister of Imam Hussain, Syeda Zainab (SA) who put down the tradition of these condolences meeting immediately when she was released from the prison of Yazid in 680 Ad. . This tradition has lived on and has become the symbol of martyrs. Upholding the banner of human right and justice. Over the years many people and nations have taken the example of this great Tragedy of Karbala as a symbol of strength to defend the oppression, when ever and where ever it is unjustly applied to oppress people and nations.

Speakers will be:

Dr Oliver Scharbrodt (Islamic Scholer from UCC Cork)
Dr. Susan Hood. Church of Ireland
Mr. Mohammad Al Saleh (Irish Born Young Imam for ABIC Dublin)
Local School children and teenagers

Plenty of free car park in side the Harrington Church school car park. (Nearest Luas, Harcourt Street). Bus Route: Harrington Street – GRADA CLUB.
Admission free. All welcome.
Registration at 1:30 pm -
Conference starts sharp on time at. 2:00 pm. And will finish at 5pm.

Conference committee
Co-ordinator: szaidi@oceanfree.net
087 2832259
Venue Contact us: +353 1 4053868 –
info@lanterncentre.org .