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TRAGEDY OF KARBALA (Conference 2012)

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


6th Imam Hussain (As) Conference Ireland. 2012
Muharram 1434

The 6th ANNUAL IMAM HUSSIAN (AS) CONFRIENCE 2012” is schedule to be held at The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle Dublin 2, on Sunday 2nd of December 2012.
Time 1:30 – 4:30 pm.

Around 680, AD on the planes of KARBALA, (which is now a famous Golden domed Iraqi city) Aba-Abdullah Al-Hussain (AS), known as IMAM HUSSSIAN (AS) , the thirds Shia Imam, and the grandson of Prophet Mohammed ( AS) was mercilessly massacred with his entire family and friends of 72 members. His six month old baby Ali Asghar and his eighty year old dear friend Habib Ibne Mazahir was in this camp along with women and children. His only crime was that he has refused to give the oath of allegiance to the most despicable, worst, corrupt and wild ruler of the time Yazid-bin-Muawia. This is the point in the early history of Islam where a cleavage occurred in the body of Islam then, and Shia and Sunni Muslim definite ideologies were emerged subsequently.

Ever since, in the last 1400 years, The Muslim community all over the world commemorate this greatest injustice committed to the holy family of Prophet Mohammad, and to the mankind at large. They recite the story of massacre, recite poetry, out loud express their emotions and grief and offer their condolences in the heartfelt sorrow in public gatherings. These are called “Majlis” …gathering of people to offer condolences to each other and remember this great tragedy.

Join us in paying our respects and homage to the sister of Imam Hussain (AS), Syeda ‘Zainab (SA), who put down the tradition of these condolences meeting immediately when she was released from the prison of Yazid in 680 Ad. . This tradition has lived on and has become the symbol of martyrs. Over the years many people and nations have taken the example of this great Tragedy of Karbala as a symbol of strength to defend the oppression, when ever and where ever it is applied to oppress people and nations.

Chester Beatty Library has paintings on display that Shows commemorations and Azadari of Imam Hussain in a Muslim Mughal Court in India in 14 / 15 century

Speakers will be Irish Academics.

Plenty of free car park in side the Dublin castle (entrance back of Castle Street, opposite Jury’ hotel Car Park). Bus Route: Dame Street. AIB bank stop
Admission free
Registration at 1:30 pm –
Conference starts sharp on time at. 2:00 pm.
Finish at 4:30pm..
Refreshment distributed afterwards.

Syed. Siraj H. Zaidi
087 2832259
Conference co-ordinator


5th Imam Hussain Condolence Conference.

5th Imam Hussain Condolence Conference.
TH December 2011 / Muharram 1434

Imam Hussain Conference 2009

Imam Hussain Conference 2009

Like back in 2007 Moharram, we had a very successful first conference on Imam Hussain.  I intend to organise yet another "ANNUAL IMAM HUSSIAN CONFRIENCE 2009" in Dublin during this Moharram.

It will be held at the same place as it was held in 2007 …
The Taney Parish Church Hall – Dundrum. Dublin 14. Plenty of free car park in side the Taney Church car park.  (Nearest Luas, Dundrum Bridge)The date will be either Sunday 18th of January 2009. Time 2:00 pm.
Local Youngsters' High secondary level will be presenting papers.
Urooj Mehdi – Dublin
Zeeshan Ali – Dublin
Kumail – Dublin
Mustapha – Iraqi

Maulana Syed Shabihul Hassan Rizvi (From UK)
The idea behind this conference is to introduce Imam Hussian and Muharram to the Irish people so if you have friends or any one interested bring them along. 

However, this year I would like to make a small committee of
Committed Strong Momenin, who could help me (not necessarily financially) to make this conference more successful? Therefore, I would like to request few momenin, who could join me and earn sawab from Bibi Zanaib (SA). Could I propose to meet on Thursday 15th January 09 – evening at the Hussainia – Ahlul bait Islamic Centre – Milltown at 8pm to finalise the arrangements for this day.
Please reply or call / text me to confirm if you can make it.

Need your Duas
S.Siraj H. ZAIDI
Conference co-ordinator


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