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7th Annual Imam Hussain (As) Condolence Conference

Open Invitation – All are welcome

7th Annual Imam Hussain (As) Condolence Conference
th November 2013 / 20th Muharram 1435

Conference Topic

The relevance of Karbala and Imam Hussain in our lives

Hujjaat al Islam Dr Ali Al Saleh -
the legal representative of Maraja e Taqleed Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Al Sistani

Venue: Ahlul - Bait Islamic Centre, Al- Hussain House, Milltown Bridge. Dundrum. Dublin 14
On Sunday 24th November 2013
Time: 2:00 pm on time

This movement of mine is not on account of stubbornness, rebellion, worldly passions or instigation by Satan. It is also not my object to create trouble or to oppress anyone. The only thing which invites me to this great movement is that I should reform the affairs of the followers of my grandfather, eradicate corruption, undertake enjoining to do good and restraining from evil.” Imam Hussian (AS)

Battle of good versus the evil is an age old phenomenon. Every religion has some story to show us the ‘right’ path from the ‘wrong’ one. Hinduism celebrates the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon Narakasura, Christians remember the crucification of Jesus Christ as a supreme sacrifice in the way of God, and so do Muslims observe Ashura on 10th day of holy month of Moharram (the day on which the tragedy of Karbala took place) to commemorate the supreme sacrifice of Imam Husain (AS), the much loved grandson of the Prophet [PBUH]. Imam Husain (AS) along with a small group of 72 men, women and children as young as six years, were devoid of water for several days and then brutally massacred by several thousand armed forces of tyrannical Yazid in the scorching heat of Karbala. Tragedy of Karbala is most significant event in history of mankind and symbolizes the battle between justice and falsehood, the battle between freedom and slavery, the battle between humanity and oppression.
Around 680, AD on the plains of KARBALA,(which is now a famous Golden domed in the city of Iraq )  Aba-Abdullah Al-Hussain (AS), known as IMAM HUSSSIAN ( AS), the third Shia Imam, and the grandson of Prophet Mohammed was mercilessly massacred with his entire  family and friends of 72 members. His six month old baby Ali Asghar and his seventy year old dear friend Habib was in this camp along with women and children.  His only crime was that he has refused to give the oath of allegiance to the most despicable, corrupt, wild and unjust ruler of the time Yazid-bin-Muawia. His father, Amirul Momineen Ali Ibne Abu Talib (AS) has already been subjected to persecution by the father of Yazid – Muawia Abu Sufyan.

This is the point in the early history of Islam where a cleavage occurred in the body of Islam and then, Shia and Sunni Muslim ideology and sub- sects subsequently emerged. Ever since this tragedy, in the last 1400 years, the Muslim community, particularly the followers of Ahlul bait ( AS) all over the world commemorate this greatest injustice committed to the
holy family of Prophet Mohammad, and to the mankind at large. They recite the story of massacre, recite poetry, out loud express their emotions, grief and offer their condolences in the heartfelt sorrow manners in public gatherings. 

Join us in paying our respects and homage to the
sister of Imam Hussain (AS) , Syeda Zainab (SA) who put down the tradition of these condolences meeting and conferences, immediately when she was released from the prison of Yazid in 680 Ad. . This tradition has lived on and has become the symbol of martyr’s world wide. Over the years many people and nations have taken the example of this great Tragedy of Karbala as a symbol of strength to defend the oppression, when ever it is applied to oppress people and nations. 
Pilgrims from all over the world are arriving in
Karbala – Iraq now, and it is expected that number will exceed 10 million like last year. The annul Martyrdom day of Imam Hussain (AS) – know as ASHURA was held on the 14th November, and was broadcasted on RTE 1 television.
Local Irish Muslim youngsters’ primary and secondary school secondary level will be presenting papers along with the eminent theological speakers.

Welcome note: Syed Siraj H. Zaidi

Speakers Junior School (
5 – 7 minutes )
Muntadhar Eltimimi
Khizer Najaf
Syed Zaman H. Zaidi
Mohammed Moosavi.
Syed Kazim Haider
Abdullah Hassan
Theologian and scholars.

Canon Desmond Cinnamon.
(Church of Ireland)
Dr. Fr. Keran Flynn. (Writer: Islam in the West - Iraqi Shia prospective).Catholic tradition (Phd in Ecumenical Studies TCD)

Final words: Dr Ali Al- Saleh. (Head of Ahlul- Bait Islamic Centre. Ireland)
Q & A.. With the audience;

Conference Convenor and chair person.
Syed Siraj H. Zaidi
Refreshments distribution.

Where: Al-Hussain House, Ahlul-Bait Islamic Centre.
Milltown Bridge, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14

Plenty of free car parking inside the car park or on Side Street
(Nearest Luas, Alexandra College, Milltown,
Bus 44 from city centre.)
Admission free.
Registration / Tea at 1:30 pm
Conference starts sharp on time at.  2:00 pm.
Date: Sunday 24th November 2013

Rsvp & further Info: szaidi@oceanfree.net.
Syed Siraj H. ZAIDI, Conference Convenor
087 2832259