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Maseera Ashoora on O'connell street

We request all brother and sister to Join us on Saturday 14th of January at 1 pm for Maseera Ashoora on O'connell street by the Spire .MAWKB IMAM Hussein (the way to freedom) For details Contact Haji Aqeel Zainy Mobile 0851550083(Hussinya). All Brothers and Sisters are requested to attend. Please pass this to all other brothers and Sisters.

Imam Hussain Conference 2009

Imam Hussain Conference 2009

Like back in 2007 Moharram, we had a very successful first conference on Imam Hussain.  I intend to organise yet another "ANNUAL IMAM HUSSIAN CONFRIENCE 2009" in Dublin during this Moharram.

It will be held at the same place as it was held in 2007 …
The Taney Parish Church Hall – Dundrum. Dublin 14. Plenty of free car park in side the Taney Church car park.  (Nearest Luas, Dundrum Bridge)The date will be either Sunday 18th of January 2009. Time 2:00 pm.
Local Youngsters' High secondary level will be presenting papers.
Urooj Mehdi – Dublin
Zeeshan Ali – Dublin
Kumail – Dublin
Mustapha – Iraqi

Maulana Syed Shabihul Hassan Rizvi (From UK)
The idea behind this conference is to introduce Imam Hussian and Muharram to the Irish people so if you have friends or any one interested bring them along. 

However, this year I would like to make a small committee of
Committed Strong Momenin, who could help me (not necessarily financially) to make this conference more successful? Therefore, I would like to request few momenin, who could join me and earn sawab from Bibi Zanaib (SA). Could I propose to meet on Thursday 15th January 09 – evening at the Hussainia – Ahlul bait Islamic Centre – Milltown at 8pm to finalise the arrangements for this day.
Please reply or call / text me to confirm if you can make it.

Need your Duas
S.Siraj H. ZAIDI
Conference co-ordinator


Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima S.A

This piece moved me so much that I could not resist to share with you.

Fatima Zahra (S.A.) The Paragon of a Perfect Human Being
Holy Fatima (s.a.) belongs to the noblest family ever existing throughout the whole history of mankind. Her distinguished father was the very last messenger of Allah, a personality that the Holy Koran introduces him as Oswatun Hasanah (the Best Paradigm). Mother of Holy Fatima (s.a) was a pure lady named Khadija, a godly woman with unparalleled virtues and merits, who dedicated all her wealth for the sake of promotion of Islam. According to the Islamic calendar, Hazrat Fatima Zahra (s.a.) was born in the 20th day of Arabic lunar month Jamadi al-Thani, five years after Bi'tha (appointment of Hazrat Mohammad (s.a.) to the position of divine prophethood) and 8 years before Hegira (immigration of the Holy Prophet from Mecca to Medina).
The story of her birth is a wonderful one. The Holy Prophet (s.a.) – through a divine command – was ordered to seclude himself from contact with Khadija

(s.a.) for 40 days. Despite all his love for his dear wife, the Holy Prophet (s.a.) did not go home in compliance with Allah's order. During the whole 40-day period of his seclusion, Mohammad (s.a.) was engaged in prayers, fasting, and spiritual connections with his Lord. The Holy Prophet (a.s.) had sent a courier to Khadija to notify her of the matter and assure her that there was nothing wrong with her and that the event had happened as a result of Allah's command.
When the seclusion stage came to its end, at the time of Iftar (while the Holy Prophet (s.a.) was preparing himself to end his fasting by eating food), he heard the familiar voice of Archangel Gabriel: "Allah sends His salaams to you! Get ready to receive the celestial gift from your Lord!" Then angels brought down a tray full of heavenly fruits for Mohammad (s.a.). Gabriel (a.s.) told him: "Eat from this heavenly dish tonight; then go to Khadija; Almighty Allah has willed to create a pure child out of this blissful food."
Thus Fatima (s.a.) was conceived from the fruits of paradise.

Excerpt from Saqafat.com

May the women of our time emulate the dictates of ever shining pearl of Mohammad S.A;Fatima Zahra S.A


The Birth of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam (S.A.)

Click to view Flash Greetings on the birth of Prophet (s.a)

Name: Muhammed ibn Abdullah
Titles: Al-Mustafa, Al-Amin, Ar-Rasool
Kuniya: Abul Qasim
Birth date: Friday, 17th of Rabiul-Awwal, 52 B.H. in Mecca
Father: Abdullah ibne Abdul Muttalib (peace be upon him)
Mother: Amina binte Wahab
Age: 63 Years

Muhammad (S.A.) opened his eyes to the world on the 17th of Rabi' al-awwal of the 53rd year before the Hijrah (570 A.D.). His father, 'Abdullah, was from the family of Hazrat Isma'il, and had died before he could see his son. His mother was one of the most pious women of that time.


Islam equals Peace (Article published in Irish times)

By Syyed Siraj H Zaidi

The word Islam is derived from the word slim, which means reconciliation, peace, submission and deliverance. Before Islam, all previous revelations had been sent to particular nations. Each of these religions either had the characteristic of being a national religion or was later transform into a national religion. For the first time in human history Islam came as the religion for all humanity and the Prophet Mohammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) was the first to be honoured with a duty towards all humanity. Read More...