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Chehlum Imam Hussain(AS) Majlis @ Azakhana-e-Zahra

Majlis for Chehlum Imam Hussain(AS) will be held on Sat 14 Jan 2012 at Azakhana-e-Zahra(SA) at 1pm after Bajamat Zohar prayer. All of the Ziyarats and Taboot will be raised to give pursa to Imam-e-Zamana(ATF) for Shuhdahae Karbala. All brothers and sisters are requested to attend this important event of the year and show their solidarity to Imam-e-Zamana(ATF).

Chelum Majlis @ Hussainya Milltown

Annual Chelum Majlis at Hussainya Milltown is held tomorrow Sunday 15 Jan after Namaz e Zohar Maulana Syed mujahid will recite on this occasion. After majlis taboot will be raised all brother and sister are requested to attend.

Chelum Majlis @ Yawar Hussain's house

A Chelum Majlis for Gents will be held on Saturday 14th January at 6pm at 7 Mount Symon Crescent Clonsilla Dublin 15 Dr Ghulam Hussain Adeel from Hidayat Tv will recite the Majlis all gents are requested to attend please contact Br Fuzail/Yawar for direction @ 0833336233

Ashra-e-Arbayeen in Azakhana-e-Zahra (S.A)

Ashra-e-Arbayeen in Azakhana-e-Zahra(SA) will start from Thursday 05/01/2012. Maulana Asghar Yazdani from Hidayat TV will deliver the speech. Each majlis will start at 7pm sharp. Those momineen who wish to organise a majlis for the Esaal-e-Sawaab of their marhomeen please write down their name on the list in Azakhana or contact Aqil Jaffery on 0863816163. All brothers and sisters are requested to attend these Majalis.

Annual Shahadat-e-Imam Hussain Majlis

Annual Shahd-e-Imam Hussain Majlis will be held in Cork on Saturday 17 Dec 2011 after Zohar prayer at Radisson hotel near airport. Read More...

Ladies Ashra Moharram

Ladies Ashra Moharram will be held at Azakhana-e-Zahra everyday from 27 Nov 2011 at 10:30a.m. Hadees khani will be conducted by Kaneez Baji and Noha khani by Mrs. Shahla Sajid Ali. All mominaats are requested to attend. Read More...

Azakhana Ashra e Muharram

Moharram Majalis at Azakhana-e-Zahra will start from Sunday 27 Nov 2011. Maulana Shamimul Hasan Rizivi principal Jawadia college Banaras Fazal e Qum and classmate of Ayatullah Baqarul Sadar will address on the occasion. The Majalis will start at 8p.m. All brothers and sisters are requested to attend.


Those momineen and mominaat who want to contribute for Moharram Majalis in Azakhana-e-Zahra for Esal e swab of their marhomeen can do so by giving their names to Br. Abbas Naqvi, Br. Imran Haider and Br. Sadiq Jaffry. Please donate generously which will help us run these events better.