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TRAGEDY OF KARBALA (Conference 2012)

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


6th Imam Hussain (As) Conference Ireland. 2012
Muharram 1434

The 6th ANNUAL IMAM HUSSIAN (AS) CONFRIENCE 2012” is schedule to be held at The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle Dublin 2, on Sunday 2nd of December 2012.
Time 1:30 – 4:30 pm.

Around 680, AD on the planes of KARBALA, (which is now a famous Golden domed Iraqi city) Aba-Abdullah Al-Hussain (AS), known as IMAM HUSSSIAN (AS) , the thirds Shia Imam, and the grandson of Prophet Mohammed ( AS) was mercilessly massacred with his entire family and friends of 72 members. His six month old baby Ali Asghar and his eighty year old dear friend Habib Ibne Mazahir was in this camp along with women and children. His only crime was that he has refused to give the oath of allegiance to the most despicable, worst, corrupt and wild ruler of the time Yazid-bin-Muawia. This is the point in the early history of Islam where a cleavage occurred in the body of Islam then, and Shia and Sunni Muslim definite ideologies were emerged subsequently.

Ever since, in the last 1400 years, The Muslim community all over the world commemorate this greatest injustice committed to the holy family of Prophet Mohammad, and to the mankind at large. They recite the story of massacre, recite poetry, out loud express their emotions and grief and offer their condolences in the heartfelt sorrow in public gatherings. These are called “Majlis” …gathering of people to offer condolences to each other and remember this great tragedy.

Join us in paying our respects and homage to the sister of Imam Hussain (AS), Syeda ‘Zainab (SA), who put down the tradition of these condolences meeting immediately when she was released from the prison of Yazid in 680 Ad. . This tradition has lived on and has become the symbol of martyrs. Over the years many people and nations have taken the example of this great Tragedy of Karbala as a symbol of strength to defend the oppression, when ever and where ever it is applied to oppress people and nations.

Chester Beatty Library has paintings on display that Shows commemorations and Azadari of Imam Hussain in a Muslim Mughal Court in India in 14 / 15 century

Speakers will be Irish Academics.

Plenty of free car park in side the Dublin castle (entrance back of Castle Street, opposite Jury’ hotel Car Park). Bus Route: Dame Street. AIB bank stop
Admission free
Registration at 1:30 pm –
Conference starts sharp on time at. 2:00 pm.
Finish at 4:30pm..
Refreshment distributed afterwards.

Syed. Siraj H. Zaidi
087 2832259
Conference co-ordinator


Maseera Ashoora on O'connell street

We request all brother and sister to Join us on Saturday 14th of January at 1 pm for Maseera Ashoora on O'connell street by the Spire .MAWKB IMAM Hussein (the way to freedom) For details Contact Haji Aqeel Zainy Mobile 0851550083(Hussinya). All Brothers and Sisters are requested to attend. Please pass this to all other brothers and Sisters.

Chehlum Imam Hussain(AS) Majlis @ Azakhana-e-Zahra

Majlis for Chehlum Imam Hussain(AS) will be held on Sat 14 Jan 2012 at Azakhana-e-Zahra(SA) at 1pm after Bajamat Zohar prayer. All of the Ziyarats and Taboot will be raised to give pursa to Imam-e-Zamana(ATF) for Shuhdahae Karbala. All brothers and sisters are requested to attend this important event of the year and show their solidarity to Imam-e-Zamana(ATF).

Chelum Majlis @ Hussainya Milltown

Annual Chelum Majlis at Hussainya Milltown is held tomorrow Sunday 15 Jan after Namaz e Zohar Maulana Syed mujahid will recite on this occasion. After majlis taboot will be raised all brother and sister are requested to attend.

Chelum Majlis @ Yawar Hussain's house

A Chelum Majlis for Gents will be held on Saturday 14th January at 6pm at 7 Mount Symon Crescent Clonsilla Dublin 15 Dr Ghulam Hussain Adeel from Hidayat Tv will recite the Majlis all gents are requested to attend please contact Br Fuzail/Yawar for direction @ 0833336233

Ashra-e-Arbayeen in Azakhana-e-Zahra (S.A)

Ashra-e-Arbayeen in Azakhana-e-Zahra(SA) will start from Thursday 05/01/2012. Maulana Asghar Yazdani from Hidayat TV will deliver the speech. Each majlis will start at 7pm sharp. Those momineen who wish to organise a majlis for the Esaal-e-Sawaab of their marhomeen please write down their name on the list in Azakhana or contact Aqil Jaffery on 0863816163. All brothers and sisters are requested to attend these Majalis.

5th Imam Hussain Condolence Conference.

5th Imam Hussain Condolence Conference.
TH December 2011 / Muharram 1434

Love of Imam Ali (A.S)

Written by Shaheed Murtadha Mutahhari

What is the reason for the friendship and love for Ali in people's hearts? Nobody has yet discovered the secret of this love. That is, no one has been able to formulate it, and say that if it were like this then that would follow, or if it were like that then this would happen. However it does of course have a secret. There is something in the love which dazzles the one who loves and draws him towards it. This attraction and love are the highest degrees of love; Ali is the one whom people's hearts adore, whom humanity loves. Why? In what does Ali's extraordinariness lie, that it incites love and draws hearts towards itself, that it plays the tune of eternal life and lives for ever? Why do all hearts find out about themselves through him, and do not feel him to be dead but find him living? Read More...

The Caravan of Pride - موكب الاباء

This movie sheds some light on what travail and excrutiating ordeal the progeny of prophet had to undergo after the martyrdom of Hussain (A). For a discerning heart it must touch the strings deeply imbedded with the love of Ah ul Bayt (A). Get your kids to watch this video and rate it by clicking on stars at the bottom.

Death Anniversary of Hazrat Um Ul Baneen

13th Jamadi-us-Sani 1429 A.H. - the death anniversary of Fatima
bint-e-Hazm bin Khalid (Um-ul-Baneen) - the wife of Imam
Ali (a.s.)

The sad demise of this great lady who sacrificed her four sons in Kerbala reminds us of her love and dedication to the house of Ahlu Bayt a.s. I extend my
condolences to the Ahl-ul-Bait (a.s.) and to all Momineen and Mominaat on this sad occasion.

Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima S.A

This piece moved me so much that I could not resist to share with you.

Fatima Zahra (S.A.) The Paragon of a Perfect Human Being
Holy Fatima (s.a.) belongs to the noblest family ever existing throughout the whole history of mankind. Her distinguished father was the very last messenger of Allah, a personality that the Holy Koran introduces him as Oswatun Hasanah (the Best Paradigm). Mother of Holy Fatima (s.a) was a pure lady named Khadija, a godly woman with unparalleled virtues and merits, who dedicated all her wealth for the sake of promotion of Islam. According to the Islamic calendar, Hazrat Fatima Zahra (s.a.) was born in the 20th day of Arabic lunar month Jamadi al-Thani, five years after Bi'tha (appointment of Hazrat Mohammad (s.a.) to the position of divine prophethood) and 8 years before Hegira (immigration of the Holy Prophet from Mecca to Medina).
The story of her birth is a wonderful one. The Holy Prophet (s.a.) – through a divine command – was ordered to seclude himself from contact with Khadija

(s.a.) for 40 days. Despite all his love for his dear wife, the Holy Prophet (s.a.) did not go home in compliance with Allah's order. During the whole 40-day period of his seclusion, Mohammad (s.a.) was engaged in prayers, fasting, and spiritual connections with his Lord. The Holy Prophet (a.s.) had sent a courier to Khadija to notify her of the matter and assure her that there was nothing wrong with her and that the event had happened as a result of Allah's command.
When the seclusion stage came to its end, at the time of Iftar (while the Holy Prophet (s.a.) was preparing himself to end his fasting by eating food), he heard the familiar voice of Archangel Gabriel: "Allah sends His salaams to you! Get ready to receive the celestial gift from your Lord!" Then angels brought down a tray full of heavenly fruits for Mohammad (s.a.). Gabriel (a.s.) told him: "Eat from this heavenly dish tonight; then go to Khadija; Almighty Allah has willed to create a pure child out of this blissful food."
Thus Fatima (s.a.) was conceived from the fruits of paradise.

Excerpt from Saqafat.com

May the women of our time emulate the dictates of ever shining pearl of Mohammad S.A;Fatima Zahra S.A


Martyrdom of Hassan Al-Askari

By Syed Siraj H. Zaidi

Titles: Askari
Kuniya: Abu Muhammad
Birth date: 8th Rabi-al-Thani 232 A.H.
Father: Imam Ali un-Naqi al-Hadi (A.S.)
Mother: Saleel
Age: Martyred at the age of 28 years at Samarra (Iraq), on Friday, 8th Rabi-ul-Awwal 260 A.H. poisoned by Mo'tamad, the Abbasid caliph. Buried at Samarra (Iraq).

Imam Hassan al-Askari was born in Madina, on 8th day of the month of Rabi' al-Thani, in the year 232 A.H. He was called 'al-Askari' in connection with the district of Askar in the city of Samarra' in which he (the Imam) and his father, Imam Ali un-Naqi al-Hadi (A.S.) were imprisoned by the Abbasid caliphs. Read More...

Poetry in honour of Imam Ali Zain-al-Abideen (A.S)

25th Muharram 1429 A.H. - Martyrdom of Imam Ali Zain al-Abideen (A.S.) - the 4th Imam. Read More...