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Chelum Majlis

The majlis was organized by Imam Ali Trust on 16 feb, 09 at hussainia, Miltown dublin. The Majlis started after prayers. It started with recitation of holy Quran followed by Noha's and poetry by Asim paying tribute to the shuhada e Kerbala. Siraj H. Zaidi took the podium and highlighted in a concise manner the essence of event of kerbala and what responsibility it bore on us in disseminating its message to the world at large. Read More...


Presenting here a noha (Koi Yateem Na Ho) on Sakina (S.A) by Syed Irfan Haider

My favorite

Please submit your favourite noha or any other written piece that you like in the comments below. If you want to have your written material show in main entry please email your content here.


Noha request by Aqil

Ather bhai I wish to share this noha with all momeneen and mominaat.
"Shabbir teri gurbat ki kasam (Shabbir teri gurbat ki kasam mei laash teri dafana deti) x2. Kausar ke tuje chinte deti zamzam se tuje nehla deti (Shabbir teri gurbat ki kasam mei laash teri dafana deti) x2. Read More...

Imam Hussain (Noha)

I have never been so impressed by any composition whether it be video, audio or lyrics of any kind. Not only the video, sound and composition are so coherent and moving but also the forceful and meaningful lyrics impart such a poignant and heart rendering solace that a true muhib e Ahl ul Bayt (A.S) would find it extremely hard to stop the onset of tears. Please watch the noha Shaheed e Kerbala and share your thoughts and emotions on this forum with others.