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Mercy to the Worlds

Celebrating the Birth of the Holy Prophet (s) & Imam Al-Sadiq (a)

Imam Ali Trust congratulates the Islamic Ummah on the birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam (a) and the inheritor of his knowledge and character, Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq (a). The life and teachings of prophet and Imams certainly give insight of wisdom and peace to those who delve to know more about the truth. It also provides us education, inspiration and acts as a catalyst to push us to emulate their perfect lives; thereby abiding by the Divine directive: Certainly you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in Allah and the latter day and remembers Allah much. [Holy Quran, 33:21].

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Greetings on the birth of Mohammad (S.A)

Please share your love & greetings on this memorable occasion with other momeneen & momenaat in the comments below. May this year your heart throbs to the melodic tune of Mohammad (S.A)'s darood-o-salam.

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The Birth of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam (S.A.)

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Name: Muhammed ibn Abdullah
Titles: Al-Mustafa, Al-Amin, Ar-Rasool
Kuniya: Abul Qasim
Birth date: Friday, 17th of Rabiul-Awwal, 52 B.H. in Mecca
Father: Abdullah ibne Abdul Muttalib (peace be upon him)
Mother: Amina binte Wahab
Age: 63 Years

Muhammad (S.A.) opened his eyes to the world on the 17th of Rabi' al-awwal of the 53rd year before the Hijrah (570 A.D.). His father, 'Abdullah, was from the family of Hazrat Isma'il, and had died before he could see his son. His mother was one of the most pious women of that time.


Wiladat e Sarwer e kainaat (SAWW)

By Syed Siraj H . ZAIDI

On the advent of the Prophet's (PBUH) birth, we would like to extend our subscribers with our best wishes and congratulations. May Allah, the most Exalted, return it with His blessings. 

Islamic Traditions:
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