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Chehlum Imam Hussain(AS) Majlis @ Azakhana-e-Zahra

Majlis for Chehlum Imam Hussain(AS) will be held on Sat 14 Jan 2012 at Azakhana-e-Zahra(SA) at 1pm after Bajamat Zohar prayer. All of the Ziyarats and Taboot will be raised to give pursa to Imam-e-Zamana(ATF) for Shuhdahae Karbala. All brothers and sisters are requested to attend this important event of the year and show their solidarity to Imam-e-Zamana(ATF).

Chelum Majlis @ Hussainya Milltown

Annual Chelum Majlis at Hussainya Milltown is held tomorrow Sunday 15 Jan after Namaz e Zohar Maulana Syed mujahid will recite on this occasion. After majlis taboot will be raised all brother and sister are requested to attend.

Chelum Majlis @ Yawar Hussain's house

A Chelum Majlis for Gents will be held on Saturday 14th January at 6pm at 7 Mount Symon Crescent Clonsilla Dublin 15 Dr Ghulam Hussain Adeel from Hidayat Tv will recite the Majlis all gents are requested to attend please contact Br Fuzail/Yawar for direction @ 0833336233

Ashra-e-Arbayeen in Azakhana-e-Zahra (S.A)

Ashra-e-Arbayeen in Azakhana-e-Zahra(SA) will start from Thursday 05/01/2012. Maulana Asghar Yazdani from Hidayat TV will deliver the speech. Each majlis will start at 7pm sharp. Those momineen who wish to organise a majlis for the Esaal-e-Sawaab of their marhomeen please write down their name on the list in Azakhana or contact Aqil Jaffery on 0863816163. All brothers and sisters are requested to attend these Majalis.