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Chehlum Majlis

Hussain Yawer's House
Scheduled 16 February 2009 at 18:00

Maulana Zulqadar Razavi will address.
Address: 7 Mount Symon Crescent, Clonsilla, D-15
Maulana Sahib will stay over night so if anyone wants to ask any masal e fiqeh or any question please stay after niyaz, you are most welcome to stay as long as you like.

Contact: Yawer Hussain

Majlis Imam e Hussain

On Sun 1st Feb, 09 12:30PM
Venue: The Hussainia Ahlul Bait Islamic Centre, Miltown bridge, Dublin.
Namaz e Zohar
Soz o Salam by Syed Sabi Hassan Zaidi
Address by Maulana Zulqadar Razavi of London

RSVP: Sadiq Jaffry

Majlis Aza

On Thu 22nd Jan, 09 18:00PM
Venue: 11, St, Mochta's Ave. Clonsilla, Dublin 15.
All momineen are requested to grace the occasion.
Niaz will be served after the majlis.

Contact: Fuzail Bokhari

Bazm e Zahra Majlis Aza

On Sat 7th Feb, 09 12:00PM a ladies Majlis e Aza will be held.
Venue: The Hussainia Ahlul Bait Islamic Centre, Dublin.
Mrs. Uzma Ghazanfar will grace the occasion. All momenaat are requested to participate.
Ziarat Taboot e Sakina will ensue at the end.

Ashra e Muharram

With the grace of Allah SWT and the help of Panjtan Pak we managed to have a separate place for urdu speaking community so that we could pay tribute and condolences to Shuhada e Karbala in our own way.



Programme: 29 Dec to 07 Jan 09.

• 7:00 pm Namaaz with jammaat
• Hadees E Kisa
• Marsiya
• English majlis: S. Siraj H. Zaidi
• Urdu majalis: Syed Mujahid Abbas Rizvi-Leeds – UK.
• Matam. Niyaz.
Pls momineen come on time as we have this place only for a limited three hrs.

As you would all agree that such a step would incur expenses and to run and sustain it, we would be needing your assistance in the shape of DONATION. We have no doubt that everyone would love to contribute their share in this great cause.

Imam Ali Trust Committee

PS. For MAP & details on how to contribute click

Ashra Majalis

10 Majalis will be held at Yawer Hussain's house from 29 Dec - 07 Jan 09.

  • 7 Mount Symon Crescent, Clonsilla Dublin 15.
  • Majlis will start at 18:00p.m and finish at 19:00p.m
  • Nayaz