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Jashn e Maula Ali

Dear Momeneen, As Salam Alykum,

The birth place of Imam Ali (AS)

May I extend the glad Tiding and much happiness for the coming months of Rajab and Shaaban, the two most joys months for the followers of Ahlul-Bait (as).
To mark the birth anniversary of Ameerul Momeneen – Ali-Ibne Abu Talib, Maula-e-Kayenaat, we are celebrating a Meelaad in Dublin.

Date: 20th July. 2008 / (13th Rajab is on 17th July)
Time: 1 pm.
Programme: Namaaz -e- Zohar (Jamaat)
Venue: Hussiania – Ahlul bait Islamic Centre.
Milltown Bridge, Dundrum, Dublin-14.
Meelad lecture: By MAULANA ZAKIR HUSSIAN SAHIB( Sweden)

Lunch, Birthday Cake and sweet distribution.
Please come and celebrate the B’day of Imam Ali (AS).  
Syed Siraj H. ZAIDI
Yawar Mehdi