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Imam Ali Trust Committee

Dear Momenin,
As salaam alykum, Allhamduallh, I have pleasure to inform you that – Our small Shia community of Ireland getting little bit more organize. Now we have opened our dedicated bank account in order to perform and do our Shia Islamic programmers' and activities slightly in bit organize way.
As you all know that we live in a rather expensive city and every thing that you do have some cost attach to it… therefore… on behalf of the Imam Ali Trust Committee, ( by the way we formed this committee two years ago… at present there are five servant of Islam ( taken symbolically from PANJETAN E PAAK) who are kindly agree to work voluntarily - They are: Habib Gheewala (or his Representative -  Farhan Vazir, Yawer Mehdi, Abbas – Bu-Ali, Mohammad Latif and Syed Siraj H. ZAIDI) Read More...